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Stillwater Institute, a non-profit counseling and support center, was founded in 2004 on the principle that counseling services should be available to all individuals, regardless of ability to pay. Stillwater sets a standard for compassionate care and excellence in services for individuals, couples, families, children and young adults. The mission of Stillwater Institute is to provide accessible counseling and support for individuals, families and the community and places emphasis in helping those who have special needs achieve their full potential.

Since 2004

Since it’s inception, Stillwater has provided counseling, education, community programs and support to hundreds of individuals and numerous schools, agencies, and organizations in the community.  Stillwater Institute has offered training for educators, schools, and professionals and offers programs to raise awareness and give assistance to those with special needs.

In 2007, Stillwater Institute partnered with Jupiter Counseling, which has been the primary support for the Institute since that time. Jupiter Counseling provides ongoing assistance, offering office space, equipment, technical support (IT), volunteer hours and reduced fees by heartfelt counselors and therapists.

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Stillwater Institute

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