Group Counseling

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Group counseling involves a small group of people who meet together on a weekly basis with one or more trained therapists, to discuss their issues, struggles and problems. Groups focus on a specific topic or area of counseling. When people come into a group and interact freely with group members under the skilled direction of a professional counselor, the group is able to give support, offer alternatives, or gently confront the issues of each individual. Group counseling has been found to be a very effective means of treatment, and for some, the best form of treatment.

Benefits of Group Counseling

In a group, you can:

  • Discover that you are not alone in the difficulties you are experiencing.
  • Hear ideas from others which can help you in your ability to make decisions and solve problems.
  • Experience a sense of acceptance and belonging.
  • Benefit from the experience of helping others (self esteem, self worth, positive reinforcement).
  • Learn to constructively express your feelings and ideas to others.
  • Gain encouragement by seeing the successes of others in the group.

If you feel you could benefit from participation in a group, please call us at (561) 575-0575